The New Metropolis Webisodes

In a series of webisodes, developers, activists and policy makers provide examples of sustainable development and inclusionary housing

The New Metropolis: The California Story

Despite the international and national policy stalemate on global warming policy, and the mounting scientific evidence, this episode will examine the bold steps activists and policymakers are taking in California to mitigate global warming impacts-and at the same time build more sustainable, just, and vibrant communities. Featuring Jerry Brown, Carl Anthony and others.

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Building a New Metropolis: Gary, Indiana

This webisode tells the story of the decline of one of America’s great industrial cities—Gary, Indiana—and its connection to the suburbs that have grown up around it. As the distressed urban core reeled from the impacts of de-industrialization, new rings of suburbs were built on the outer fringes of the metropolis.

The Ring Cycle of development left in its wake a trail of worsening poverty and dying older suburbs as investments and wealth moved to the new rings on the edge. This webisode follows the story of ordinary citizens, such as Reverend Cheryl Rivera of the Interfaith Federation of Northwest Indiana, and sees how they are working to rebuild these cities and inner ring suburbs in the face of enormous challenges. She is part of a growing national movement for metropolitan equity, a hope to re-democratize the American Dream.

Building a New Metropolis: Denver, Colorado

Developers often complain that while urban infill development projects seem attractive, they are economically unviable. Developer Jonathan Rose takes a different view. In this video, he demonstrates that green and equitable projects can also be profitable and beautiful. The Highlands’ Garden Village development project in Denver is an example.

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