The Lincoln School Story

A video installation which tells the untold story of 18 brave women who led the struggle for school desegregation in Hillsboro, Ohio in the 1960’s… Read More


Andrea Torrice is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with over 20 years experience, whose work spans a range of contemporary issues. Her films have been featured on PBS, National Geographic World Channel, HBO, European and Japanese Television, as well as in … Read More


About Torrice Media Producer Andrea Torrice examines and humanizes a range of complex contemporary issues and then engages the audience to reflect, respond and act. Learn more about Andrea…

Women of Abstract Expressionism Coming to PBS

Torrice Media is excited to announce that the Women of Abstract Expressionism video produced for the Denver Art Museum is going to part of an hour long PBS national documentary. CPT12, the Denver Colorado PBS affiliate, is the producing station … Read More

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