Desolation Row

Part of Something is Happening Here, a community-wide response to Bob Dylan’s 1964 album Highway 61 Revisited… Read More

The Lincoln School Story

A video installation which tells the untold story of 18 brave women who led the struggle for school desegregation in Hillsboro, Ohio in the 1960’s… Read More

A Shrine to the Ash Tree

A video installation that celebrates the beauty of the Ash Tree… Read More

Women of Abstract Expressionism

Video that accompanies the exhibition about the contribution women artists made to the American art form of Abstract Expressionism… Read More

Trees in Trouble

A documentary film about America’s urban forests… Read More

Rising Waters: 2013 Update

Follows Pacific Islanders showing what they believe are the first signs of global warming… Read More

The New Metropolis: A Crack in the Pavement

Examines the infrastructure funding crisis in older suburban and urban communities… Read More

The New Metropolis: The New Neighbors

Examines how one town overcame white flight and created a vibrant integrated community… Read More

The New Metropolis Webisodes

Developers, activists and policy makers provide examples of sustainable development and inclusionary housing… Read More

Art as Action: A Conversation with Abstract Expressionist Painter Gloria Torrice

Explores the story of women Abstract Expressionist painters through the story of Andrea Torrice’s mother, Gloria Torrice… Read More

Arab American Stories

Profile of two Arab Americans who fulfilled the American Dream in Ohio… Read More

Bernard’s Story

The story of how one community changed a young man’s life… Read More

Forsaken Cries: The Story of Rwanda

Explores the planned and systematic genocide in the African country of Rwanda… Read More