Take Root Takes Off!

Torrice Media is excited to announce the launch of a new documentary film and community engagement project: Take Root (working title). With generous support from the Stephan H. Wilder Foundation, the project will examine the challenges facing our urban forests and how communities can nourish and preserve them for future generations.

According to a recent National Forest Service report, America’s urban and community forests are under stress, threatened by the combined impacts of climate change, new invasive pests and patterns of development.

While these threats are well-known among environmental scientists, the public is only beginning to understand their impact on our communities. Many fail to realize the connection between our “green infrastructure”—parks, urban forests, and wetlands—and the health and livelihood of our citizens. Take Root will make this connection visible and tangible by delineating the issues, and offering citizens, students, and local officials the tools for a new and more informed public dialogue to support better public policy outcomes.

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